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Water Leak Detection Devices

How to prevent damage from water leaks

One trillion gallons a year.

That’s how much water is wasted in households and businesses when faucets leak, pipes burst and washing machine hoses crack. Sudden and accidental water damage is the second leading cause of homeowners property claims, right after fire. On average, Amica handles 43 water damage claims each day, with an average cost of $12,000 per claim.

Homeowners could protect against many water-logged events by installing leak detection and mitigation systems designed to send alerts and often take action before trouble happens. By sending messages wherever homeowners are, these devices can save property and even lives.

Leak detection and mitigation systems vary widely in price, function and performance. At Amica, we think it’s smart to combine two kinds of devices – portable sensors that monitor water leaks, temperature and humidity in specific areas, like bathroom or kitchen sinks, and whole-home systems that monitor all water flow and provide automatic shut-off when leaks occur.

The advantages of water leak detection

  • Appliance protection. Washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators and other machines you depend on can cause problems or be damaged and even ruined by water leaks. A water leak device has the potential to help save your appliances and other property.
  • Water conservation. In addition to wasting a precious natural resource, water leaks are a common cause of homeowners insurance claims. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, household leaks in the U.S. cost approximately $900 billion annually. Leak detection/mitigation systems can proactively protect your home and help avoid unnecessary water loss.
  • Insurance savings. Amica offers discounts for many smart home safety devices, including all-in-one water leak systems. Currently, qualifying systems must shut off the master plumbing valve and provide central station reporting. As we continue to expand discounts for smart home devices, we’ll keep homeowners informed.
  • Peace of mind. Wherever homeowners are, leak detection and mitigation systems are keeping them informed. So they’re always in the know, regardless of the flow.
“I was alerted with a phone call and text message. The cold water supply line under my second floor bathroom sink was beginning to leak. It was great to have the system, or this could have leaked through the first floor ceiling into my kitchen below!”
Michael E., Amica Homeowners Policyholder