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Amica Mobile - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download the mobile app?

You can find the Amica mobile app in the App Store (for Apple devices) or Google Play (for Android devices).


How do I start using the mobile app?

You can log in to the Amica mobile app by using your Amica online account credentials. (To create an online account, follow these steps.) You’ll need your policy or account number, which can be found on your policy, auto ID card and billing statements. Creating an online account can currently only be completed on our website, not on the app.


Does Amica keep my personal information private and secure?

Yes, we follow digital security best practices to safeguard and secure your personal information. Trust that your data is protected by our secure firewalls and other network security measures. Here are links to more information about our corporate privacy policies and how we protect your data: 

Privacy Notice
Online Privacy Policy
Amica Online Terms of Use
Amica Claim Alerts Terms and Conditions
Technical and security help for and Amica Mobile users
Autopay Authorization Agreement


How will I know when app updates are available?

You’ll be notified of updates when you visit your device's app store. Some devices update automatically, while others may show an alert indicating app updates are available when synced to a computer.

To find out which version of the Amica mobile app you have, launch the app and click the “About This App” link in the footer. The version number and release date can be found at the bottom of this page.


Can my information be recovered if I'm locked out of the app or if I lose/damage my phone?

Since the Amica app doesn’t store personal data, there’s no possibility that your personal data will ever be lost. If you happen to lose or damage your phone, simply log in to regain access to the app’s functions and features. 

Have more questions?

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