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Whole Life Insurance

Amica Life's whole life is a permanent policy with cash value that provides a level death benefit. Our many policy benefits and features allow you to customize a life insurance plan that will best fit your unique life insurance needs.

Whole life insurance can be kept in force for as long as you live. The face amount and the premium are fixed at the time you buy your policy and stay the same even as you age. The policy accumulates cash value that can be withdrawn or borrowed.

Guaranteed Level Premium – The premiums on this policy are fully guaranteed and will never increase.

Guaranteed Level Protection – As long as your premiums are paid in accordance with the policy's provisions, your level of protection is guaranteed for your lifetime. Your coverage amount does not decrease as you get older.

Cash Values – This policy continuously builds cash value that is available to you if the policy is surrendered before it becomes payable as a death claim. You may borrow the money for any personal need, including premium payment.

Early Benefit Provision – If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and given a life expectancy of a year or less, you may apply to receive an Advance Payment Amount.

Pricing – We offer discounts for larger-sized policies and there are no policy fees. In addition, we may reward you for your excellent health and lifestyle choices with our premier select rates.

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“AM Best has awarded Amica Life its second highest rating, A+ (Superior).”